Premier Dental Laboratories is proud to offer Free Two-Way Shipping! Whether
you’re around the corner, or across the country – arranging through either Loomis
or ICS can be done following the instructions below

Shipping Instructions

Sending us a case is simple. Follow the steps below or call us at 1-877-907-8881
and we can assist you with any shipping inquiries you may have.
If you are a new office and would like to ship a case to us, please contact us to
arrange a pick up.

If you are already an existing client, and are out of waybills, please call the office and
we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to ship your parcels out.

1. Complete the prescription form for the case. We can send forms to you free of
charge or you can download a digital version of our prescription forms here.

2. Place the clean impressions(s), bites and study models in the Premier Dental
Laboratory boxes that are provided. Make sure to use bubble wrap in the
box, as this will ensure your models and other case materials are not
damaged during shipping.

** Models that are not wrapped properly risk being damaged during the
shipping process, and can delay the turn-around time on a case **

3. Place the completed prescription slip on top of the contents, and close the

4. Please seal the box with tape and place it in one of the provided courier bags.
(If you are out of courier bags, or waybill pouches please call the office and
we will arrange for your office to receive some free of charge)

5. Please attach on one of the Premier Dental Laboratories preprinted waybills,
secured in its waybill pouch.

(If your parcel is coming from WITHIN Ontario, please arrange a pick up

through ICS)

(If your parcel is coming from OUTSIDE of Ontario please arrange a pick up

through Loomis Express)

Free Local Deliveries

Premier Dental Laboratories also provides free local transport of cases to and from
your office and our lab. Please call our office at 519 – 839 – 8881 to arrange for a
pick up.

(Our delivery zone can vary - please call ahead of time to inquire if you fall within
our free local delivery service, if not we will arrange Free Two-Way Shipping

through ICS Couriers)