Dental Implant Retained Dentures

Our technicians provide premium support for your practice. Our passion and commitment is demonstrated by our experienced team of experts who have the knowledge and technology to create quality implant retained dentures.

We work with all dental implant systems and all attachments.

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Why dental implants are a good choice for your patient's new denture?

Implant retained dentures are more stable and natural feeling than most other types of dentures. Implants are a proven with a high clinical success rate. Patients who have chosen for dental implants often remark how similar the implant feels to their own natural teeth which gives the patient a new found confidence.

Because the denture palate is no longer required for full dentures with implants they allow the patient to taste and feel their food more naturally.  Many patients who choose implant-supported dentures share that they are happy and comfortable for the first time since losing their natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants for your Patients

  • Improved ability to eat, appearance, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Be social again and spend more time with family and friends.

  • Your patient’s mouth is restored to a more natural state which allows superior long-term esthetics, enhancing the beauty of their smile and quality of your life.

  • Increased denture comfort and stability.

  • Helps to prevent bone loss an increases overall oral health.

  • Tissue resorption is reduced decreasing gum tissue shrinkage.

  • Stability during eating meaning less food seepage under the denture.

  • Dietary nutritional benefits