Athletic Mouth Guards

A custom-made mouth guard is one of the most important investments an athlete can make to protect themselves. The average cost of dental treatment over a lifetime can be upwards of thousands of dollars. By using a custom-fitted mouth guard, you can rest assured your teeth will be protected at all times during play.

Some athletes choose to forego wearing a mouth guard, as their experience with one has not been so great. Generic “off the shelf” mouth guards do not provide adequate protection, can negatively impact breathing, and are overall very uncomfortable.

A custom-fit mouth guard not only protects the teeth, the lips, cheeks & tongue - it also promotes oxygenation & elocution. Over time it will adapt itself to the natural movements of the oral cavity, allowing it to be a superior product compared to a generic one-size-fits-all mouth guard. A laboratory made night guard is guaranteed to fit great, perfectly suited for shock absorption and protection.